Herbs Guide


Family Name: Labiatae

Botanical Name(s): Lycopus Europaeus

Popular Name(s): Sweet Bugle, Water Bugle, Gypsywort and Bugleweed

Parts Used: Aerial parts.

Habitat: It is native to USA and Europe.

Description: A perennial herb growing up to 12 inches tall. Its creeping runners produce rosettes of leaves; the whole structure forms a carpet-like mat. The lower leaves are spatula shaped and often have wavy edges, while the upper leaves are toothed and elliptical or oval. Small blue to purple flowers appear from May to July.

Uses: Bugleweed is used in coughs, bleeding from the lungs and consumption. Bugleweed aids the weak heart where there is associated build-up of water in the body. Bugleweed is a specific for over-active thyroid glands.