Herbs Guide


Family Name: Apocynacae

Botanical Name(s): Apocynum androsaemifolium

Popular Name(s): Catchfly, Flytrap, Honeybloom, Milk Ipecac, Milkweed, Mountain Hemp, Spreading Dogbane, Western Wallflower, Dogbane

Parts Used: The dried rhizome, roots

Habitat: Bitterroot is widely found in North America.

Description: Bitterroot is a perennial herb which grows to a height 5 or 6 feet. Its leaves are opposite, roundish to oblong-ovate or ovate, dark green at above and lighter and hairy at the bases. Its flowers are white, tinged with red and grow in terminal cymes.

Uses: Bitterroot has cathartic, diaphoretic, emetic and expectorant properties. It is used as an alterative in rheumatism, syphilis and scrofula. It is used to cure dyspepsia, constipation, fever, gallstones and dropsy.