Herbs Guide


Family Name: Malvaceae

Botanical Name(s): Sida cordifolia

Popular Name(s): Country Mallow, Beejband, Kisangi, Kungyi, Mayir-manikham, Muttuva, Paniyar-tutti, Simak, Tupkaria, Tutturabenda, Velluram

Parts Used: Roots, leaves, seeds and stems

Habitat: Bala is found in India and Sri Lanka.

Description: Bala grows in wet areas. The plant possesses heart shaped leaves with a single leaf present at each node. Its flowers are yellow in colour and are produced at the growing ends.

Uses: Bala is used as a demulcent, analgesic, diuretic and rejuvenative substance. Its roots have aromatic and astringent properties. The root is used in asthma and arthritis. The seeds are used in treating tenesmus and gonorrhea.