Herbs Guide


Family Name: Solanaceae

Botanical Name(s): Solanum dulcamara

Popular Name(s): Blue Nightshade, Felonwort, Fever Twig, Garden Nightshade, Woody, Nightshade Vine, Scarlet Berry, Staff Vine, Violet Bloom

Parts Used: Bark of the root and twigs

Habitat: Bittersweet is native to Europe and Asia.

Description: Bittersweet is a semi-woody herbaceous perennial vine which grows to a height of 4 m. Its alternate dark green (or purplish when young) leaves vary in shape (roughly arrowhead-shaped) and are 4-12 cm in length. Its flowers occur in loose clusters of 3-20 and are star-shaped, with five petals and possess purple colour. The fruits are present in the form of ovoid shaped red berries with a length of about 1 cm.

Uses: Bittersweet has anodyne, diuretic, emetic and purgative properties. It is used as a poultice for gout and herpes. Bittersweet is considered as an important remedy for treating allergies.