Herbs Guide


Family Name: Lamiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Monarda Didyma

Popular Name(s): Scarlet Monarda, Oswego Tea and Bee Balm Parts Used: The leaves and flowers are used.

Habitat: It is native to South America.

Description: Bergamot is a member of the mint family and its leaves have a citrus-like flavor. It grows up to 1 m (3 feet) high. The flowers vary and are of several colors, varying from pink and mauve to a rich scarlet can be found. Its square, grooved and hard stems rise about 2 feet high and the leaves, which it bears in pairs, are rather rough on both surfaces.

Uses: Bergamot is an herb with a savory and fruity flavor, an aromatic and stimulant, especially improving digestion. Bergamot is used medicinally to relieve symptoms of colds and chest or throat complaints and for mild digestive complaints. Native American Indians made an herb tea from bergamot leaves for this purpose.