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Family Name: Leguminosea

Botanical Name(s): Sarothamnus scoparius

Popular Name(s): Scotch Broom, Irish Broom, Broomtops, Besom

Parts Used: Flowering tops and seed

Habitat: Broom is native to British Isles and Europe. It is found in North America, South Africa and Asia.

Description: Broom is a perennial, leguminous shrub with a 5 cm thick stem and grows to a height of 1-3 m (rarely up to 4 m). It bears green shoots with small deciduous trifoliate leaves which are 5-15 mm in length. It flowers are golden yellow in colour.

Uses: Broom is cardioactive diuretic, hypertensive, peripheral vasoconstrictor and astringent in properties. Broom is a remedy where there is a weak heart and low blood pressure.