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Family Name: Malvaceae

Botanical Name(s): Sida Spinosa

Popular Name(s): Nagabala, Gorakchaulia, Gulsakari, Kadumenthys, Kantalo-Bal, Kattuvantiyam, Mayir-Mamkkam, Pilabarela, Tukati-Khareti

Parts Used: Leaves and root

Habitat: Bonmethi is found in India and Sri Lanka.

Description: Bonmethi is an annual plant with branching stems that are covered with fine white hairs. Its alternate leaves are up to 2" long and 1" across. They are ovate or ovate-oblong and crenated along the margins. Its flowers are about 1/3" across and consist of 5 spreading petals that are light yellow or light orange in colour. Its seeds are reddish brown and 3-angled

Uses: Bonmethi leaves are used as demulcent and refrigerant. These are used to cure gonorrhoea, gleet and scalding urine. Decoction of its root-bark and root is used in debility and fever.