Herbs Guide

Bird's Tongue

Family Name: Oleaceae

Botanical Name(s): Fraxinus excelsior

Popular Name(s): European Ash

Parts Used: Bark and leaves

Habitat: Bird's Tongue is native to Europe.

Description: Bird's Tongue is a deciduous tree which grows to a height of 100 to 130 feet. Its leaves are 20-35 cm long, pinnate compound, with 9-13 ovate, acute leaflets. Its flowers open before the leaves. The female flowers are little bit longer than the male flowers. The flowers are dark purple in colour and without petals. Both male and female flowers can occur on the same tree but this seldom happens. The fruits are one-seeded.

Uses: Bird's Tongue's bark has diuretic and febrifuge properties. Its leaves possess cathartic properties. The tea prepared using its leaves is used as a mild purgative and cures rheumatism. Its bark is effective in reducing fever.