Herbs Guide


Family Name: Boraginaceae

Botanical Name(s): Symphytum officinale

Popular Name(s): Comfrey, Knitbone, Bruisewort, Gum Plant, Healing Herb, Knitback, Salsify, Slippery Root, Wallwort

Parts Used: Root and leaves

Habitat: Blackwort is native to Europe and Asia.

Description: Blackwort is a perennial plant with a stout, hollow, leafy stem covered with bristly hairs and grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet. The lower, radical leaves are large, up to 10 inches long, ovate shaped and covered with rough hairs. Its whitish or pale purple flowers have a tubular corolla and appear from May to August. Its fruits consist of four shining nutlets which are perforated at the base.

Uses: Blackwort is used as demulcent, anti-inflammatory, astringent and expectorant. It is used to treat gastric, duodenal ulcers and hiatus hernia.