Herbs Guide


Family Name: Boraginaceae

Botanical Name(s): Borago Officinalis

Popular Name(s): Burrage.

Parts Used: Borage Flowers, Leaves, Seeds, and Oil are used

Habitat: Naturalized in most parts of Europe.

Description: Borage has thick soft stems and large leaves, both of which are covered in fine bristly hairs. The flowers are star-shaped and a vivid sky blue, although an occasional pink bloom does appear (there is also a rare species with white flowers). The blooms are full of nectar and are a source of food for bees.

Uses: Borage is used internally for fevers, bronchial tract infections and mouth and throat infections. It helps with skin clearing and lightening, promoting healthy skin growth and acts as anti-inflammatory. It is also said to be a hormonal balancer. It is traditionally used as a diuretic, diaphoretic and expectorant and is also used for depression, inflammation and as a mild sedative.