Herbs Guide


Family Name: Rosaceae

Botanical Name(s): Geum urbanum

Popular Name(s): Blessed Herb, European Avens, Yellow Avens

Parts Used: Rootstock and flowering herb

Habitat: Bennet grows in Europe and the Middle East.

Description: Bennet is a perennial plant which gains a height of 20 to 60 cm. Its rootstock is 1 to 3 inches long. Its lower leaves are lyrate and pinnate while the upper ones are ternate or trifid. The flowers are hermaphrodite, star-shaped and bright yellow in colour. The fruits have red spikes with hooks.

Uses: Bennet is used as a gargle for gum problems and halitosis. It is used to cure diarrhoea, chronic bronchial catarrh and intermittent fever and promotes digestion also.