Herbs Guide

Bitter Ash

Family Name: Celastraceae

Botanical Name(s): Euonymus atropurpureus

Popular Name(s): Wahoo, Spindle Tree, Whahow, Indian Root, Indian Arrow, Strawberry Tree, Pegwood

Parts Used: Root bark

Habitat: Bitter Ash is found in the eastern United States and Europe.

Description: Bitter Ash is a shrub with a smooth ash-coloured bark and about 6 feet in height. Its leaves are opposite in pairs, have very short stalks and possess teeth on the margin. The leaves are purple-tinged at the serrated edges and the flowers are dark purple in colour.

Uses: Bitter Ash has expectorant and alterative properties. It is used as a cholagogue, hepatic, laxative, diuretic and circulatory stimulant. It removes congestion from the liver and treats jaundice and gall-bladder problems.