Herbs Guide


Family Name: N.O. Gentianaceae

Botanical Name(s): Menyanthes trifoliata (TOURNEF.)

Popular Name(s): Buckbean, Marsh Trefoil, Water Shamrock, Bitter Trefoil, Marsh Clover, Bog Myrtle, Bitterworm, Brook Bean, Bean Trefoil, Moonflower

Parts Used: Herb

Habitat: Bogbean is widely found in Europe.

Description: Bogbean is a green plant with a creeping rootstock and procumbent stem. The plant is covered by sheaths of leaves. Its flowers are borne on long stalks and are clustered together in a thick short spike.

Uses: Bogbean is used as a tonic and febrifuge. It has cathartic and deobstruent properties. An extract of its leaves is used in rheumatism, scurvy and skin diseases. The juice of the fresh leaves is used in dropsical cases and gout.