Herbs Guide


Family Name: Scrophulariaceae

Botanical Name(s): Chelone glabra

Popular Name(s): Snake-head, Turtle-head, Turtle-bloom, Shellflower, Bitter Herb, Chelone Obliqua, White Chelone, The Hummingbird Tree

Parts Used: The complete herb

Habitat: Balmony is found in the eastern United States and Canada.

Description: Balmony is an herbaceous perennial plant which grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet. The plant bears opposite, oblong, dark green, pointed leaves. Its flowers bloom from July to September and are generally white in colour. The plant bears fruits which are in the form of ovoid capsule.

Uses: Balmony is used as a cholagogue, hepatic, anti-emetic, stimulant, laxative, antheimintic substance. It is used to cure indigestion, general debility, constipation and liver. Externally, the herb is used to cure sores and eczema.