Herbs Guide


Family Name: Rosaceae

Botanical Name(s): Rubus villosus

Popular Name(s): Bramble, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Goutberry, High Blackberry, Thimbleberry, American Blackberry

Parts Used: Leaves, root and bark

Habitat: Blackberry is cultivated in the United States of America.

Description: Blackberry is a trailing perennial plant that grows in dry or sandy soil. The plant bears slender branches possessing sharp and recurved prickles. Its leaves are hairy bearing 3 to 5 leaflets. The leaflets are doubly serrate and ovate shaped. The flowers have five-petals are white in colour. Its ripe berries are red in colour.

Uses: Blackberry has astringent properties. It is used in diarrhoea, dysentery, sore throat and hemorrhoids. A tea made from its dried root is used for curing dropsy.