Herbs Guide


Family Name: Rosaceae

Botanical Name(s): Filipendula ulmaria

Popular Name(s): Meadowsweet, Queen-of-the-Meadow, Pride of the Meadow, Meadow-Wort

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Habitat: Bridewort is native to Europe and western Asia. It is found in North America also.

Description: Bridewort is a perennial herb with erect, furrowed, reddish to sometimes purple stem which grows to a height of 1-2 m tall. Its leaves are dark green on the upper side and whitish and downy underneath and possess a few large serrate leaflets. The plant bears creamy-white flowers clustered close together in irregularly-branched cymes.

Uses: Bridewort is used as anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-emetic and astringent. It protects and soothes the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, reduces excess acidity and eases nausea. It is used to cure heartburn, hyperacidity, gastritis and peptic ulceration.