Herbs Guide

Black Sanicle

Family Name: Apiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Sanicula marilandica

Popular Name(s): Sanicle, American Sanicle, Black Snakeroot, Wood Sanicle, Sanicle Root, Pool Root, Butterwort

Parts Used: Rootstock and leaves

Habitat: Black Sanicle is widely found in the US.

Description: Black Sanicle is a perennial plant, bearing hollow stem, found in rich woods. The plant is not tall but the fruiting stalk may rise up to 2 feet. Its small umbels of white, greenish-white or yellowish flowers bloom from May to July.

Uses: Black Sanicle is used as an astringent, expectorant, nervine, alterative and depurative substance. It is used as a gargle in irritations and sores in the mouth and throat. It powdered root is effective in intermittent fever and chorea.