Herbs Guide


Family Name: Rubiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Galium verum

Popular Name(s): Yellow Bed- Straw, Cheese Rennet, Lady's Bedstraw, Maid's Hair, Yellow Cleavers, Bedstraw

Parts Used: The herb

Habitat: Curdwort is native to Europe and Asia.

Description: Curdwort is an herbaceous annual plant with stems that grow to a height of 60-120 cm. Its leaves are shiny dark green in colour, hairy underneath, borne in whorls of 8-12 and are 1-3 cm long. Its flowers are 2-3 mm in diameter and occur in dense clusters.

Uses: Curdwort has the property of curdling milk; hence the other name of it is ' Cheese Rennet'. Its tea is used as a calmative and is recommended in epilepsy and dropsy.