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Family Name: Gentianaceae

Botanical Name(s): Swertia chirata

Popular Name(s): Kirata-tikta, Kiryat-charayatah, Bhunimba, Bhuchiretta, Charayatah, Chiretta, Chiraita, Indian Gentian, Kiriath, Kiriyattu, Kiryat Charayatah, Mahatita, Nila-vembu, Qasabuz-Zarirah

Parts Used: The complete plant

Habitat: Chirayata is widely found in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Description: Chirayata has erect stems which grows about 2-3 ft long. Its stems are orange brown or purplish in colour and contain large continuous yellowish pith. Its root is simple, stout, short, about 7 cm long and usually half an inch thick. The tiny flowers are green-yellow in colour. The fruits are small, one-celled capsule with a transparent yellowish pericarp.

Uses: Chirayata is bitter in taste. Chirayata is used as a stomachic, laxative, febrifuge and anthelmintic substance. It is used to cure intermittent fevers, bronchial asthma, skin diseases and to regulate the bowels.