Herbs Guide


Family Name: Umbelliferae

Botanical Name(s): Myrrhis Odorata

Popular Name(s): Garden Chervil

Parts Used: Flowering Herb

Habitat: It is native of the hilly districts of Wales, northern England and Scotland.

Description: The leaves are very large, somewhat downy beneath, and have a flavor rather like Anise. The stem grows from 2 to 3 feet high, bearing many leaves, and white flowers in early summer appear in compound umbels. The fruit is remarkably large, an inch long, dark brown, and fully flavored. The leaves taste as if sugar had been sprinkled over them.

Uses: Useful in coughs and flatulence, and as a gentle stimulant for debilitated stomachs. The fresh root may be eaten freely or used in infusion with brandy or water. The juice pressed out of the fresh flowering herb is popularly used for various purposes, including scrofula, eczema, gout stones, abscesses, dropsy, and women's abdominal complain.