Herbs Guide


Family Name: Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Tanacetum Balsamita

Popular Name(s): Alecost, Balsam Herb, Costmarie, Mace, Balsamita, Bible Leaf.

Parts Used: Leaves.

Habitat: It is a native of southern Europe.

Description: The steam grows up to 3-4 feet. The leaves are sweet scented and 6" long strap shaped. Costmary goes strongly to leaf, but does not flower.

Uses: Costmary leaves that may be used in teas or in herb pillows. The leaves were used as bookmarks, thus the term "bible leaf". Fine hairs give a light gray look. The fresh leaves were also used in salads and in pottage and dried are often put into pot-pourri, as they retain their aroma.