Herbs Guide


Family Name: Plumbaginaceae

Botanical Name(s): Plumbago zeylanica

Popular Name(s): White Leadwort, Chitrak, Agnimatha, Chita, Chitaro, Chitawa, Chittiramulam, Chitramula, Chitruk, Vellakoduveli, Vellakotuveri

Parts Used: Root and seeds

Habitat: Chitra is found in India and Sri Lanka.

Description: Chitra is a tall, erect, evergreen perennial herb bearing spreading branches. The herb gains a height up to 3 m. It grows as a wild garden plant in East, North and Southern India and Sri Lanka.

Uses: Chitra has antiseptic properties. Its root is used to increase the digestive power and to promote appetite. It is used in cases of enlarged spleen also. A paste prepared using its root is used to cure leprosy, scabies and other skin diseases.