Herbs Guide


Family Name: Piperaceae

Botanical Name(s): Piper cubeba

Popular Name(s): Cubeb, Tailed Pepper, False Pepper

Parts Used: Fruit

Habitat: The cubeb plant originally belongs to Indonesia. It is now grown in many parts of Asia too.

Description: Cubeb plant is a perennial which grows up to a height of 20 feet. The fruit (Cubeb Berry) is brown in colour and round in shape which grows from the small flowers of the plant. The leaves are oval in shape and green in colour. The dried pericarp is grayish-brown or black and wrinkled. The seeds are hard, white and oily.

Uses: Cubeb is aromatic, pungent, acrid and slightly bitter in taste. It has antiseptic, antiflatulent and expectorant properties. Cubeb is very effective in treating problems with the digestive and urinary tract. Cubeb berry relieves gas and bloating in the digestive tract. The berries are used to treat the symptoms of bronchitis. It can relieve infections in the urinary system also.