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Cobra's Saffron

Family Name: Clusiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Mesua ferrea

Popular Name(s): Nagakesara, Nagkeshar, Cobra Saffron, Nagachempakam, Nagakesara, Nangu

Parts Used: Flowers, fruit, seed and root

Habitat: Cobra's Saffron is native to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Description: Cobra's Saffron is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree growing up to 13 m. The plant may acquire a trunk that is up to 90 cm in diameter. The plant bears simple, narrow, oblong, dark green leaves with a whitish underside. The leaves possess a length of 7-15 cm. It flowers are 4 - 7.5 cm in diameter with four white petals and numerous yellow stamens

Uses: Cobra's Saffron is used as an aromatic, demulcent, stimulant and carminative substance. Oil from its seeds is used in sores, scabies, wounds and rheumatism. Its dried flowers are used in bleeding hemorrhoids. Its root acts as an antidote for snake poison.