Herbs Guide

Cat's Foot

Family Name: Asteraceae

Botanical Name(s): Antennaria dioica

Popular Name(s): Mountain Everlasting, Cudweed

Parts Used: The flowering herb

Habitat: Cat's Foot is found in Europe, Asia and North America.

Description: Cat's foot is an herbaceous perennial plant growing to a height of 10-20 cm. The plant bears a rosette of basal spoon-shaped leaves which are 4 cm long and 1 cm broad. In summer, the herb bears an 8 in tall flower stem that develops bearing clusters of white, pink or yellow flower heads. The flowers appear from May to August in cymose clusters.

Uses: Cat's Foot has cholagogue properties. It stimulates the flow of gastric juices and pancreatic secretions. It is used to cure dysentery too.