Herbs Guide


Family Name: Cupressaceae

Botanical Name(s): Juniperus Virginiana

Popular Name(s): Red Cedar, Eastern Redcedar and Aromatic Cedar

Parts Used: Wood and Leaves.

Habitat: Grows wild in Nothern Hemisphere.

Description: It is one of 50 - 60 species of Coniferous trees and shrubs with scale-like adult leaves and pointed juvenile leaves.

Uses: Decoctions made by North American from leaves, bark and twigs were used for arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual delay, gonorrhea, pyelitis and kidney problems. The same decoctions were used for skin rashes, venereal warts etc. The oil can be used successfully as an insect repellant. Its astringent qualities are helpful to fight acne as well as psoriasis. It has a skin-softening action as well.