Herbs Guide

Carpenters Square

Family Name: Scrophulariaceae

Botanical Name(s): Scrophularia nodosa

Popular Name(s): Figwort, Rosenoble, Throatwort, Scrofula Plant, Figwort Root, Heal-All, Kernelwort

Parts Used: The complete herb

Habitat: Carpenters Square is widely found in Europe.

Description: Carpenters Square possesses acutely heart shaped leaves and hermaphrodite flowers blooming in June to September. The flowers are pollinated by bees, wasps and the seeds ripe from July to September. The plant grows in semi-shade or no shade and requires moist soil.

Uses: Carpenters Square is used as an alterative, diuretic, laxative, heart stimulant, anodyne and depurative substance. It used to cure eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. It may be used as a mild laxative also in constipation.