Herbs Guide

Canker Root

Family Name: Ranunculaceae

Botanical Name(s): Coptis trifolia

Popular Name(s): Gold Thread, Mamira, Mishamitita, Mamira, Yellow Root

Parts Used: Dried Root

Habitat: Canker Root is found in Northern America and Asia.

Description: Canker Root is a small, perennial, evergreen herb growing up to a height of 6". Its rhizome is long, slender and bright golden yellow in colour. Its obovate, evergreen leaves grow in tufts with yellow scales surrounding the base. The flowers are white in colour and ½" wide.

Uses: Canker Root has alterative and antipyretic properties. It is used to cure inflammation of the stomach, jaundice, ulcers, dyspepsia and vaginal infections. It is used as a gargle in sore throat.