Herbs Guide


Family Name: Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Peucedanum Graveolens

Popular Name(s): Dill, Dilly, Garden Dill, Dill Seed, Dill Fruit

Parts Used: Seeds

Habitat: Dill is indigenous to South West Asia.

Description: Dill usually has one upright, hollow stem with waxy or powdery leaves divided into filaments. Umbels of small yellow flowers appear in summer, which are followed by flattish and oval seeds.

Uses: Carminative, aromatic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, galactogogue, calmative, diuretic, stomachic. Dill is an excellent remedy for flatulence and the colic that is sometimes associated with it. It is the herb of choice for colic of children. Chewing the seeds helps to clear bad breath.