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Family Name: Combretaceae

Botanical Name(s): Terminalia Arjuna, Pentaptera Glabra, Pentaptera Angustifolia.

Popular Name(s): Arjun, Arjuna, Arjuna Myrobalan, Arjuna-Sadra, Attumarutu, Billimatti, Holematti, Kahu, Kukubha.

Parts Used: Bark

Habitat: It grows in most parts of India and is also planted in many parts for shade and ornament.

Description: Terminalia arjuna is a deciduous tree found throughout India growing to a height of 60-90 feet. The thick, white-to-pinkish-gray bark has been used in India's native Ayurvedic medicine

Uses: The bark is used in certain herbal combinations as a powerful, soothing tonic for the heart. It is good for both the physical heart as a muscle, as well as for the emotions associated with the heart. Arjuna is used for loneliness, sadness and frustration. It strengthens the emotions to decrease excessive response to stress and trauma. It helps strengthen the body's natural rejuvenative processes, hastening the replacement of dead or weak cells with fresh, vital ones. In proper combinations, Arjuna helps stabilize an erratic heartbeat.