Herbs Guide


Family Name: Asclepiadaceae

Botanical Name(s): Calotropis gigantea

Popular Name(s): Aka, Akado, Akanda, Khok, Madar, Mandara, Mudar, Yercum

Parts Used: Root, root-bark, leaves and flowers

Habitat: Arka is widely found in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malay Islands and South China

Description: Arka grows up to 4 m in height and possesses sessile leaves. The leaves are 10 cm in length and are 8 cm in width. Its flowers are 14-15 mm long and 3- 4.5 cm in diameter. Its dried root freed from its outer layer is called Mudar.

Uses: Arka has a number of beneficial properties. Its leaves and branches are used in anesthesia, paralysis and toxic asthma. Its flowers help in digestion. The flowers cure asthma too. The root bark of it has mucilaginous and alterative action. The herb is used in leprosy, syphilis, dysentery, epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions and paralysis.