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Family Name: Malvaceae

Botanical Name(s): Sida Rhombifolia

Popular Name(s): Country mallow, Mutheera pulagam, Sadeva, Sap-devi, Shamblidebari, Sirramutti, Svetberela,

Parts Used: Root and stem

Habitat: Atibala is widely found in India and Sri Lanka.

Description: Atibala is a perennial plant with erect stem and gains a height of 50-120 cm. Its leaves are dark green in colour and are 4 - 8 cm long. The flowers are orange-yellow in colour and consist of five petals which are 4 to 8 mm long and its fruits are present in the form of a ribbed capsule.

Uses: Atibala's leaves and roots are used in piles, gonorrhoea and in rheumatism. Mucilage that is present in its stem is used as demulcent and emollient.