Herbs Guide


Family Name: Oxalidaceae

Botanical Name(s): Oxalis corniculata

Popular Name(s): Sorrel, Changeri, Amrul

Parts Used: The complete plant

Habitat: Amlika is widely found in India.

Description: Amlika is a creeping herb that grows up to 50 cm in length. Its leaves are present in the form of leaflets which are 3 in numbers with 5 cm long petioles. Flowers are yellow in colour and possess a length of nearly 1 cm. Its fruits are 1 to 1.8 cm long possessing numerous black seeds.

Uses: Amlika is used as an antipyretic, blood refrigerant and tranquilizer. It is used to treat cold-fever, enteritis-diarrhoea, infection of the urinary tract and neurasthenia. Its fresh sap is used as external wash.