Herbs Guide

Asthma Weed

Family Name: N.O. Lobeliaceae

Botanical Name(s): Lobelia inflata (LINN.)

Popular Name(s): Rapuntium inflatum, Indian-Tobacco, Pukeweed, Asthma Weed, Gagroot, Vomitwort, Bladderpod

Parts Used: The herb and its seeds

Habitat: Asthma Weed is found in the northern United States and Canada

Description: Asthma Weed is an erect annual or biennial herb that gains a height of 1 to 2 feet and possesses stalked leaves. Its flowers are pale violet-blue in colour.

Uses: Asthma Weed is used as an expectorant, diaphoretic and anti-asthmatic substance. It is used also in epilepsy, tetanus, diphtheria and tonsilitis. Its infusion is used to treat ophthalmia and its tincture cures skin diseases.