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Family Name: N.O. Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Anacyclus pyrethrum (D.C.)

Popular Name(s): Pellitory, Pyrethrum, Akarkara, Pellitory of Spain, Roman Pellitory, Spanish Camomile

Parts Used: Root

Habitat: Akarakara is found in North Africa, in the Mediterranean, Himalayas, north India and Arabian countries.

Description: Akarakara is a perennial plant bearing alternate and pinnate leaves. The plant bears one large flower on the tip of a yellow disk. The root is cylindrical, slightly twisted and bears a tuft of grey hairs.

Uses: Akarakara root is used to relieve toothache. Its gargle is used in partial paralysis of tongue and lips. It is used to cure chronic catarrh of the head and nostrils.