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Family Name: Euphorbiaceae

Botanical Name(s): Emblica officinalis

Popular Name(s): Indian Gooseberry, Emblic myrobalan, Amla, Amalaki

Parts Used: Fruit

Habitat: Amalaki is found in the Northern and South Western India

Description: Amalaki is a small to medium sized tree which grows to a height of 8 to 18 m. The plant bears subsessile leaves and greenish-yellow flowers. They grow in clusters and appear in spring. The fruits are almost spherical and light greenish yellow in colour.

Uses: Amalaki is used as an aperient, carminative, diuretic, laxative, astringent and refrigerant substance. It is used to cure anaemia, diabetes, jaundice, haemorrhage disorders, asthma, bronchitis and insomnia. It is a rich source of vitamin C.