Herbs Guide


Family Name: Amarantaceae

Botanical Name(s): Achyranthes aspera

Popular Name(s): Rough Chaff Tree, Prickly Chaff Flower, Apamarga, Adharajhada, Aghada, Aghata, Antisha, Chirchira

Parts Used: Leaves, seeds and root

Habitat: Aghada is found in tropical Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

Description: Aghada is a perennial herb with a woody base and it grows to a height of .5 - 2 meter. Its leaves are petiolate, opposite and occur in various sizes. Flowers are more than 50 cm in length and are greenish white in colour. The plant possesses ovoid fruits.

Uses: Aghada has diuretic, expectorant and purgative properties. The juice of its leaves is used in fever, cough, diarrhoea, dysentery, dropsy and other diseases. Decoction prepared using the herb is used in stomach ache and bowel complaints, piles, boils, skin eruptions etc.