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Family Name: N.O. Leguminosae

Botanical Name(s): Mucuna pruriens (LINN.)

Popular Name(s): Cowitch, Cowhage plant, kavach, Kapikachhu, Couhage

Parts Used: Seeds, root and legumes

Habitat: Atmagupta is found in India and East and West Indies.

Description: Atmagupta is an annual climbing shrub found with long and slender branches. The plant possesses large white flowers which grow in clusters of two or three. Its pods are hairy, thick and are generally 4 inches long.

Uses: Atmagupta is used as an anthelmintic, astringent, nervine and rejuvenative substance. Its seeds are used to treat leucorrhoea, menorrhagia and spermatorrhoea. The roots are used in paralysis and nervous disorders. Its decoction purifies the blood also.