Herbs Guide

Summer Savory

Family Name: Labiatae

Botanical Name(s): Satureia Hortensis

Popular Name(s): Winter Savory

Parts Used: Herb.

Habitat: It is a native of the Mediterranean region.

Description: Summer Savory is a hardy, pubescent annual, with slender erect stems about a foot high. Flowers are having small, pale lilac labiate flowers, axillary, on short pedicels, the common peduncle sometimes three-flowered. The leaves, about 1/2 inch long, are entire, oblong-linear, acute, shortly narrowed at the base into petioles, often fascicled. The hairs on the stem are short and decurved.

Uses: Savory has aromatic and carminative properties, and though chiefly used as a culinary herb, it may be added to medicines for its aromatic and warming qualities. The juice dropped into the eyes removes dimness of sight if it proceeds from thin humours distilled from the brain.