Herbs Guide

Saw Palmetto

Family Name: Arecaceae

Botanical Name(s): Serenoa Repens, Sabal Serrulata

Popular Name(s): Pan palm, Dwarf Palmetto, Saw Palmetto, Saba

Parts Used: Fruit (berries)

Habitat: Saw Palmetto is a small plant native to the coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.

Description: It is a clump forming rhizomatous plant with fan-shaped leaves and fragrant creamy flowers, followed by ovoid blue-black fruits.

Uses: Saw palmetto is further used for bronchial complaints as well as treatment for general wasting diseases. Berries of Saw palmetto, which are harvested, dried, and ground for preparation as a tea or in capsules. The Berries has a pungent, sweet taste, and has a warming affect on the body.