Herbs Guide


Family Name: Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Artemisia Abrotanum

Popular Name(s): Wormwood, Absinthium, Green Ginger, Absinthe and Southernwood

Parts Used: Leaves or flowering tops.

Habitat: Native to Europe, N. Africa and Western Asia.

Description: The plant grows from 2 to 4 feet in height. The numerous flower heads are short-stemmed and hang in a many-flowered panicle. The capitula are small, globular, inclined and 3 to 4 mm wide and almost as long. The bracts are gray, silky-pubescent with a rounded tip. The flowers are yellow and fertile. The fruit is about 1.5 mm long.

Uses: The chief use of Southernwood is as an emmenagogue. It is a good stimulant tonic and possesses some nervine principle. Used for indigestion, especially when due to a deficient quantity or quality of gastric juice. It is a powerful remedy in the treatment of worm infestations, especially roundworm and pinworm. It may also be used to help the body deal with fever and infections. It benefits the body in general.