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Family Name: N.O. Iridaceae

Botanical Name(s): Crocus sativus

Popular Name(s): Crocus, Karcom, Krokos

Parts Used: Flower pistils

Habitat: Saffron is mainly grown in France, Spain, Sicily and Iran.

Description: Saffron is a small perennial plant. In spring the plant produces an onion-like corm that produces basal and linear gray-green leaves. The leaves have hairy margins and are 1 or1-1/2 feet in length. The plant bears reddish-purple flowers.

Uses: Saffron has carminative, diaphoretic and emmenagogue properties. It is used to cure coughs, stomach gas, gastrointestinal colic and insomnia. It is effective in treating fevers, melancholia, enlargement of the liver and asthma. It is used in perfumes and dyes also.