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Family Name: Lauraceae

Botanical Name(s): Sassafras Officinale

Popular Name(s): Sassafras, Ague Tree, Cinnamon Wood and Saxifrax

Parts Used: Bark Root

Habitat: Eastern United States, from Canada to Florida, and Mexico.

Description: The tree stands 20 to 40 feet high, with many slender branches, and smooth, orange brown bark. The leaves are broadly oval, alternate, and 3 to 7 inches long. The flowers are small, and have an inconspicuous, greenish yellow color. The roots are large and woody.

Uses: The oil is said to relieve the pain caused by menstrual obstructions. It is used in skin diseases. It has been praised as a dental disinfectant. A lotion of rose water or distilled water, with Sassafras Pith is recommended for the eyes.