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Family Name: Pinaceae

Botanical Name(s): Picea Mariana

Popular Name(s): Common Spruce, Himalayan Blue Pine, Spruce Fir

Parts Used: Young Sprouts, Resin

Habitat: It is a native of North America.

Description: The spruce is an evergreen conifer that grows up to 50 m, slow-growing, small upright tree or dwarf shrub with a narrow, pointed crown to over most of its range. The leaves are dark blue-green in color with woody pegs. Flowers are red, turning yellow to light brown. The roots are shallow and widespread.

Uses: The main uses of the spruce are problems with the respiratory system, because the essential oils of the spruce disinfect and clean the lung. The main use of the spruce are diseases of the breathing system, especially when the problems come from bacteria and sticking mucous.