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Family Name: Tricholomataceae or Marasmiaceae or Omphalotaceae

Botanical Name(s): Lentinula edodes

Popular Name(s): Mushroom (Shiitake), Black Mushroom, Hua Gu

Parts Used: Fruiting body

Habitat: Shiitake is an edible mushroom native to East Asia.

Description: Shiitake mushroom is native to China and has been cultivated for thousand years. The mushroom is cultivated not only as a food but also as a medicine. But its stems are rarely used in cuisines as the stems are harder than the soft fleshy caps which are more popular in cuisines.

Uses: Shiitake has many uses in cuisines. Besides this it has medicinal uses too. Shiitake mushrooms are effective in treating all forms of hepatitis, including hepatitis B and C. Extracts from shiitake mushrooms have been researched for many immunological benefits, ranging from anti-viral properties to possible treatments for allergies as well as arthritis.