Herbs Guide


Family Name: N.O. Compositae

Botanical Name(s): Carthamus tinctorius

Popular Name(s): Dyer's Saffron, American Saffron, Fake Saffron, Bastard Saffron

Parts Used: Flowers

Habitat: Safflower is grown in many parts of India, China and in other parts of Asia. It is found in Egypt and in Southern Europe also.

Description: Safflower possesses a stiff, upright and whitish stem which grows up to a height of 2 to 3 feet. Its leaves are pointed, spiny and oval shaped. The flowers have both male and female organs and are pollinated by insects.

Uses: The used part of Safflower is its flowers. The flowers have laxative and diaphoretic actions. The flowers are effective in curing measles, fevers and eruptive skin problems.