Herbs Guide


Family Name: Pedaliaceae

Botanical Name(s): Sesamum Indicum, Sesamum Orientale, Sesamum Trifoliatum, Sesamum Luteum

Popular Name(s): Bene Seeds, Beniseed, Benne, Gingelly, Gingili, Gingilli, Semsem, Simsim, Teel, Til

Parts Used: Seed, Oil and Leaf

Habitat: It is found in India.

Description: A tropical herbaceous annual that grows 1 -2 m (2 - 6 ft) tall. The plant has an unpleasant odor. The leaves vary from ovate to lanceolate and are hairy on both sides. The flowers are purple to whitish, resembling foxglove, followed by 3 cm (1.25 in) capsules containing numerous seeds.

Uses: The simplest and now commonest use of sesame is as whole seeds sprinkled over cakes and breads, like poppy seeds. It is a flavoring for hummus, a sauce for kebabs and is often mixed with lemon and garlic to make a bread dip.