Herbs Guide


Family Name: Apocynaceae

Botanical Name(s): Rauwolfia serpentina

Popular Name(s): Nakuli, Chota-Chand, Kanakachandrika

Parts Used: Root

Habitat: Sarpa-gandha is found in India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

Description: Sarpa-gandha is an evergreen, erect, perennial herb with a tuberous root which grows to a height up to 60 cm. Its leaves occur in whorls of three and bear a bright green colour on the above and a pale green colour below. The herb possesses white coloured flowers and its drupes are purplish black.

Uses: Sarpa-gandha is a bitter tonic and is used as a febrifuge and sedative. It is used to cure fevers, insomnia and dysentery. It lowers high blood pressure also.