Herbs Guide


Family Name: Pinaceae

Botanical Name(s): Pinus Sylvestris

Popular Name(s): Scots Pine, Eastern White Pine.

Parts Used: Fresh or dried young branches, buds as well essential oil is used.

Habitat: A native of Eastern North America.

Description: It is a warming, bitter and aromatic herb that acts as a diuretic and expectorant, while increasing topical blood flow. It has a toning effect on the nerves and is strongly antiseptic. Most of the pines have straight, unbranched, cylindrical trunks.

Uses: It is used for respiratory problems and especially for bronchial complaints accompanied by heavy secretions. When used topically, it helps to improve blood flow to the area on which it has been applied and its mild analgesic action is used for treating muscular pain as well as rheumatism. Pine has been used for hepatic and urinary system problems. It is considered as antiseptic.