Herbs Guide


Family Name: Labiatae

Botanical Name(s): Mentha Piperita

Popular Name(s): Mentha Nigricans, Brandy Mint

Parts Used: Herb

Habitat: The plant is found throughout Europe, in moist conditions, along stream banks and in wastelands.

Description: The leaves of this kind of mint are short but distinctly stalked, 2 inches or more in length, their margins finely toothed, their surfaces smooth, both above and beneath, or only very slightly, hardly visibly, hairy on the principal veins and mid-rib on the underside. The stems, 2 to 4 feet high, are quadrangular, often purplish.

Uses: Used to treat morning sickness, nausea, and spastic complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, bile ducts, dyspepsia, flatulence, intestinal colic, flatulence, gastritis and enteritis. It is furthermore used for indigestion, cramping, stomach ulcers, spastic colon and irritable bowel syndrome and is also used for its stimulant properties.